FA Coaching Courses

The club will pay for you, within reason, to attend courses that will benefit your development as a coach and at least one FA Level 1 qualified coach is required for any Langton Green team to continue running.

To sign up for any FA course, you will need an FA FAN number - if you don't have one, you can get one here: https://secure.thefa.com/fan/register.aspx

In terms of the relevance to you, at this present time, the FA courses you may wish to consider are:

FA Level 1

This is your first port of call and in fact to retain our FA Charter Standard status we have to have at least one level 1 qualified coach associated with each team. Ideally, we'd like everyone involved in coaching to have attended this course as a minimum. We try to ensure at least one Level 1 course is run at Langton Rec. each year, making it as easy as possible for you to sign up and attend a local course with as little disruption to you as possible. For more information on when the next course is, speak to Chris Allen or Ian Knapp

More information: http://www.kentfa.com/coaches/courses/new-fa-level-1-course

Safeguarding Children / Emergency First Aid

Both of these courses are essential for all our coaches and are included as part of the Level 1 (above). If you want to do them separately from the Level 1 or if you need to renew them (both expire after 3 years), speak to Chris Allen about it.

FA Level 2

The FA Level 2 is a fantastic course. I can vouch for that, having attended it myself. The level of knowledge you will gain from completing it will change the way you view coaching football for good. Highly recommended, but a significant time commitment is required, including around 10 days off work in most cases. Pleasingly, the FA have changed the course to run in 3 much more manageable "blocks". When I did it, it was a straight 10 days off work, but now you can attend the different, smaller sections, which makes it far easier to complete. Some of these may run over weekends, depending on where you do the course. We don't run these courses at Langton Green, so travel is required. The Kent FA at Ditton is probably the most likely location.

  1. Block 1: How We Coach
  2. Block 2: The Future Player and How We Support
  3. Block 3: How We Play

Course pre-requisites: you must have a valid FA Level 1 qualification to be allowed to attend the Level 2 course.

More information: http://www.kentfa.com/coaches/courses/new-fa-level-2-course

If you want to hear more about the course, speak to Ian Knapp, Kevin Corbett or Chris Allen, all of whom have completed the Level 2 fairly recently.

The FA Youth Modules (1, 2 and 3)

You may have heard various coaches talking about these. They were brilliant courses but previously were separate from the FA Level 1 and Level 2. The traditional FA structure was that there were courses (The Level 1 & 2) that taught you football coaching and courses (the Youth Module 1, 2 and 3) that taught you youth coaching with a focus on how kids learn, practice design etc. over the technical content (although that was still covered to some extent).

Very wisely, the FA have now rolled all these courses into one learning pathway, so the new Level 1 contains content from the Youth Modules, as does the new Level 2. The more advanced Youth Module 3 content is now part of the Uefa B license.

You can no longer do these courses as stand alone courses, which in terms of the time you need to take off work to complete all this stuff, is a good thing!

If you want to find out more about what these courses involved and some of the key things they were useful in helping with, feel free to speak to Ian Knapp, who has completed all three of the Youth Modules recently. 

Goalkeeping Courses

The FA offer both Level 1 and Level 2 courses in goalkeeper coaching. Each course is 3 days.

Level 1: http://www.kentfa.com/coaches/courses/level-1-fa-goalkeeping-coaching-award
Level 2: http://www.kentfa.com/coaches/courses/level-2-fa-goalkeeping-coaching-award

Uefa B License

The Uefa B license is the next level up from the FA Level 2 and requires both a signifcant time commitment and a large monetary investment. If you have completed the Level 2, your course tutor will probably have made a recommendation as to when they feel you would be ready to embark on this course. As a guide, when I did my Level 2, even the best grassroots coaches finishing the course were told not to even consider the Uefa B license until they had a further 200 hours of coaching at their club under their belt. Last I heard, around 60-70% of people fail the Uefa B license on first attempt. So you really need to be committed to a lot of hard work to embark on this.

The course requires you to have successfully completed the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications and to be running a team playing 11 a side football over the course of a full season.

Other Courses

There are plenty of other FA courses available, covering psychology, futsal, club welfare officer roles etc. See this page for more information: http://www.kentfa.com/coaches/courses

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

To maintain your Level 1 or Level 2 qualifications, you need to complete a certain number of "CPD" hours every season. This isn't particularly arduous - for the Level 2 for example, you're talking 5 or 6 hours per year at the present time.

CPD can take the form of a session with our FA mentor, an online session via the licensed coaches club or a CPD workshop organised by the FA. For further information on CPD, see this page: http://www.thefa.com/get-involved/coach/continue-learning/the-fa-2016-17-continuous-professional-development-programme-guide

The FA Licensed Coaches Club

Free to join, very much worth it, the FA Licensed Coaches Club gives you access to a whole host of online coaching videos, CPD events and other useful information.

To join, see this page: http://faccreg.thefa.com/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2f - you'll need an FAN number to join.