DBS Checks, First Aid and Safeguarding

Every team has to be compliant with the FA by having all adults involved with children being DBS checked (by the FA) and having at least one first aider present when training or playing matches.

DBS checks (essential)

Every adult who will be involved in coaching your team in any capacity MUST HAVE a valid DBS check to allow them to work with children. The club pays for this and you need it even if you already have a similar check completed with work or another volunteering role. The FA insist on it. Contact our child welfare officer and they will get the check sorted out for you easily and quickly.

It's important to remember that DBS checks are only valid for a period of 3 years and need repeating for you to continue to be allowed to coach. There are no exceptions to this.

First Aid (essential)

Every team must have a qualified first aider at every training session or match. The FA offer an introductory course (again, the club will pay for you to do this). This page on the FA website gives more detail on the FA's "Introduction to First Aid in Football" course.

You should also have an FA certified first aid kit (see page 30 of the linked document - 2019) (Chris Allen will provide you with one - ask him if you don't have one) and have an emergency action plan in place in case of an emergency. Do you know where the nearest A&E is, do you have any relevant emergency phone numbers in your phone, do you know where the nearest defibrillator device is if your ground has one etc?

Safeguarding Children (essential)

The FA also offer a safeguarding children course. All adults involved with coaching children should complete the course. Again, the club will pay.