Kit, Training Equipment, Goals and Balls

The club will provide you with the basics that you need to run your team.


Your team will be provided with the right number of matching kits (shirts, shorts and socks). Please contact Chris Allen to arrange getting hold of your kit. We reckon around 90% of coaches children seem to end up with the number 10 shirt by the way ;-)

P.S - we very much welcome any help in the form of sponsorship, so if you happen to have a parent of one of your team who is interested in sponsoring a kit, then please welcome them to step forward!


The club will provide you with somewhere in the region of 10 training footballs and a match ball at the start of the season. We recommend you write your team name on them in permanent marker to avoid them being pinched at training! If you need more, speak to Chris.


For training and home matches, we have goals for you to use. For mini soccer (up to U10) these are mini soccer Samba goals, which are made of solid plastic and separate out into sections for packing away. They are stored in the container at Langton Green Rec. Assembling one of these for the first time is probably the most challenging thing you'll do in your entire football coaching career (or life in general). Find someone who has done it before and beg them to help you. Otherwise you're liable to end up swearing and in tears before your first training session has even started.

Samba goal instructions:

For matches for older age groups we have some Samba 9 a side goals for U11 and U12s (even harder to put together than the mini soccer ones) and "proper" metal goalposts either fixed in the ground or on wheels for 11 a side football. Nets for these are stored in the various containers / sheds / storerooms at our various pitches.

Training Equipment

Goals, poles, cones and various other bits and pieces are stored in the container at Langton Green Recreation Ground for use at training on Saturday mornings, so you don't need to cart all this round with you.

The club can provide bibs and cones for you to take with you to matches for warm ups too.

Some managers like to buy some equipment of their own - that's up to you if you choose to do so, but again, make sure you mark it as yours or you're liable to find someone confuses it for club equipment and packs it away. Recommend The Soccer Store if you want anything along these lines. Very reliable.

For any kit / equiment related enquiries, speak to Chris.

First Aid Kit

Every coach should have an FA-compliant first aid kit available to them at every training session and match. The club will provide you with this - again, ask Chris.