Where and when you train will depend on what age group you are involved with and when your matches are. Those training on Saturday mornings at Langton Rec. generally start at 10am and finish by midday. For Tuesday night training, specific timings change each season depending on numbers, so speak to Chris Allen about exactly what time slot you have been allocated on a Tuesday.

U5 / U6 (Saturdays)

Our very youngest players train every Saturday morning at Langton Green Recreation Ground, weather permitting. The U5 sessions are shorter than the U6 sessions. Both generally start at 10am. During the winter, these sessions may move to Bennett School 3G once the weather gets really bad, but you will be informed when this is due to happen.

U7 / U8 (Saturdays)

Our U7 and U8 teams train with their teams on the Saturday mornings that they don't have matches. This takes place at Langton Green Rec. In the event of poor weather, we do have a booking during the winter on a Saturday morning at Bennett School 3G. Speak to Adam Stretton with any specific enquiries with regard to training for this age group.

U9 / U10 (Saturdays / Tuesdays)

U9 and U10 teams also train on the Saturdays (10am - midday) that they don't have matches, but in addition they train on a Tuesday evening on the Bennett School 3G. Speak to Adam Stretton with any specific enquiries with regard to training for this age group.

Girls (Tuesdays, Fridays or Sundays)

Our girls teams generally either train on Tuesdays or Fridays at the Bennett school 3G pitch. They play matches in the Kent Girls and Ladies League on Sundays.

U11 - U18 (Tuesdays or Thursdays)

All our teams from U11 upwards train on the 3G surface at either Tunbridge Wells Boys' Grammar School or Bennett School on a Tuesday evening, with a few teams training on Thursdays. The earliest sessions start at 6pm and we hold the booking for the entire pitch until 9pm, so your session will be one hour, some time during this window. Chris Allen will let you know which slot you have been allocated and at which venue before the season starts and this will be your slot for the whole year. Space is limited, so teams with few players attending training will be allocated smaller spaces than those who have a healthy turnout.


For the teams training at Langton Green Rec, training equipment (bibs, cones etc.) is kept in the container (padlock code via Chris).

For teams training at TWBGS or Bennett, you will need to bring all your own equipment (although goals are set up at both venues).

You need your own footballs for every training session (no "shared" balls are stored anywhere for you to use). These footballs are paid for by the club and allocated to you at the start of the season (speak to Chris Allen about getting hold of some footballs for your team). There is provision for replacement footballs if lost during the season, but within reason. If the same team keeps losing footballs at a much higher rate than others, somebody is going to be asking why.

What if Training is Cancelled?

In the event of training being cancelled due to waterlogged or frozen pitches, each team manager will be informed as soon as possible and it's then their responsibility to let the parents of their players know. With the 3G options we have, this is unlikely to happen.