Social Distancing Practices & Sessions

Despite the fact that we are now (as of 18th July) given far more scope with regard to training and playing matches during the Covid-19 pandemic, there may still be coaches wishing to run fully socially-distanced training sessions (and of course, the advice may yet change again in the event of further outbreaks).

This page features a set of socially distanced practices / sessions that we've found have worked well. Thanks especially to Gav Berkerey, James Tuson and Kevin Corbett for their input. Let us know if you have anything you've been doing that's worked well and we'll get it included here.

These sessions were produced in line with the July 4th 2020 guidance from the FA. Remember to follow the latest FA / government guidelines and if in doubt, err on the side of caution. Our full club guidelines and a risk assessment are available on our main website.

Warm Ups, Fitness & Relays

Passing Practices

Finishing Practices & Attacking Patterns

FA Social Distancing Sessions

Useful Tip

Place a cone for each player to put their drink next to, each cone 2 or more metres apart. This way they won't congregate during drinks breaks.

We'll do our best to add to these or adapt them as the guidelines change, but please bear with us and if you have any awesome training exercises you'd like to share with us, e-mail [email protected]