FA Full Time

FA Full Time is an FA results / fixtures website, used by a number of the leagues our teams play in. The Crowborough League and the Mid Sussex League both use Full Time and as a manager of a team from U11 upwards playing in either of those leagues, you are expected to use the website to submit your results, referee marks, sportsmanship marks etc. as well as set fixture locations in advance of games.

The league you play in should send you a Full Time admin login, which you can then use to log in here: https://fulltime-admin.thefa.com

A guide to using Full Time is provided by your league. Adding anything here would be pointless as the website changes and anything we told you to do would soon be out of date.

Front end links for the two leagues mentioned above are here:

Neither the Tandridge League nor the Kent Youth League use FA Full Time for their fixtures or results. The leagues themselves will tell you how to submit results etc. directly via their own websites.