Once the regular season is over, there are plenty of summer tournaments throughout May, June and July that you can enter if you want. Entry into these will cost you (usually between £30 and £40 per team) and the club doesn't pay for these - you are expected to collect money from your team's parents to cover the cost. Entering them is entirely optional, but they can be a lot of fun. Entry forms tend to be released between January and February for most clubs and we will forward the e-mails we receive to all our managers so you won't miss out if you don't receive them direct.

Below is a summary of some of the local tournaments and what you can generally expect from them (although they do change year on year).

  2018 Ages Competitions 2018 Entry Forms Notes
Langton Green * 2nd / 3rd June U7 - U15 Cup and Plate Online entry Obviously the best tournament around!
Pembury * 20th May U7 - U13 Cup and Plate Form & Letter Everyone qualifies for the cup or plate, which is a nice touch. Really nice pitches at Somerhill School.
Uckfield 26th / 27th May U6 - U15 Cup only Form | Letter Some Sussex teams you might not usually face. Well organised and nice atmosphere.
Rusthall 26th / 27th May U7 - U15  Cup only  Form | Letter Always been quite a strong standard in our age group. Not sure if that's representative of all. Well organised with plenty of games.
Crowborough 5th - 7th May U7 - U15 Cup (plate for losing semi finalists) Details Don't know much about this one.
Broad Oak 9th / 10th June  U7 - U18 Cup only  Form | Letter Small tournament but with plenty of games (usually 7 group games). Well organised and friendly.
Ditton 9th / 10th June U7 - U15  Cup only  Form | Letter Lots of new teams to play from the Maidstone league. 5 a side for most age groups, which is unusual.
Tonbridge 9th / 10th June U7 - U18  Cup only Form | Letter Lots of games (7 group games). Nice, flat pitches. Good mix of abilities.
Paddock Wood 16th / 17th June U7 - U16 Cup (plate for losing semi finalists) Form Well organised at Mascalls School. Lots of teams from Maidstone way usually, which makes for some new faces to play.
Ringmer Rovers 16th / 17th June U7 - U15  Cup only  Details Not so much experience with this recently but was certainly a decent tournament over the years.
TW Youth * 23rd / 24th June U6 - U18 Cup and Plate Form & Letter Good mix of abilities. Really nice quality medals!
Jarvis Brook * 30th June / 1st July U7 - U15  Cup and plate  Online club entry (email for details) Really good tournament. Top 4 from each group go through usually, so good chance to progress.
Lewes 7th / 8th July U7 - U15  Cup and plate  Form | Letter Lots of South coast teams - new faces to play. Well organised and have a pizza oven on site!!!!
Sedlescombe 7th / 8th July U7 - U18  Cup only  Form | Letter Good variety of South coast teams / new faces. Plenty of group games usually. Well organised. First tournament my team ever won, so I'm biased though!

Note that at most tournaments U7s (and U8s at a lot) don't play competitive matches with knockout stages - they play a friendly competition where everyone gets a participation medal.

* For those who are playing in competitive age groups, I've starred the more local tournaments we'd recommend if you're not one of the stronger teams (these have secondary, plate competitions and a wider variety of ability levels tend to enter because of that).