Switching Play

"I spend the entire 90 minutes looking for space on the pitch." - Xavi

Switching Play - Key Coaching Points & Considerations

We've collated some of the key coaching points and things you may want to consider when setting up sessions based around switching play. Remember - getting all the coaching points across in one session is impossible - these are meant as a source of ideas that you can introduce slowly and layer on as the players' understanding and ability level increases over time.

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Switching Play Thinking Ahead Warm Up Game

This practice is a great warm up to introduce the concept of thinking one step ahead when switching play in terms of providing support to the player the ball has been switched to. It works well if you want to introduce the topic but only have a small area to work in and also covers keeping possession in tight areas, passing, movement off the ball etc. It fits will with our rondo exercises in terms of ticking a lot of the same boxes, but adds the transitional element of switching play out of a congested area into an different part of the pitch, where there is space.

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