Match Day

Match day should be fairly straightforward, but there are certain things you need to make sure happen and these are different at different venues. Getting a couple of willing parent helpers to assist you in setting up for your game is particularly useful. Here is the info you should need for our various home grounds:

Langton Green Recreation Ground
  • Everything you need should be in the main container. Ask Chris Allen for the code.
  • For mini soccer, you will need to set up Samba goals (12ft x 6ft). Usually 4 will be required (2 matches for your paired teams = 2 pitches). Info on how to set up Samba goals is here...
  • For 9 a side, there are a pair of metal 9v9 goals (one behind the container and one at the bottom of the field) and usually a couple of 9v9 Samba goals stored in the container.
  • For 11 a side, behind the hedge the goals are already on the pitch (metal goals, chained to the fences). The nets are in a large white bag in the container and the keys to unlock the goals from the fence are in with the nets. On the pitch "this side of the hedge" the goals are padlocked (one to a tree at the bottom of the pitch and the other behind the container).
  • Corner flags will be in the container.
  • There are two pitch markers. Paint is in the container.
  • Toilets are at the left hand edge of the clubhouse, which will be open anyway for Saturday morning games. On Sundays, you will need to liase with Chris Allen about getting hold of keys for the clubhouse if required. Changing rooms are also available, for both players and referees, if needed.
  • Map:
  • There is a defibrillator on the outside of the clubhouse and another on the village hall at the front.

  • Groombridge has both a 9 a side and 11 a side pitch.
  • The nets, pegs and enough corner flags for both are in the shed (code will be provided), along with a manual line marking machine. Please empty any surplus paint from the machine after use - otherwise the paint will harden and leave it unusable for whoever comes along next week. There is a tap in the shed for watering down paint.
  • Groombridge is particularly popular with geese and foxes. Worth taking some dog poo bags - have fun picking up what they leave behind!
  • Toilets are in the pavilion changing rooms. The keys to the changing rooms are in a lockbox inside the pavilion. Codes will be provided.
  • Please ask people to park starting from the furthest end in a sensible way. Space is tight and we need to respect the residents by not parking out on the road. The second half of the car park (separated by a wooden barrier) is the recreation ground's, so no cyclists or walkers should be parking there. The rest is free to anyone to use.
  • Please lock up when you've finished and place the car park barrier back across.
  • Map:,0.183252/@51.1049816,0.1863353,1175m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m4!4m3!1m0!1m0!3e0
  • There is a defibrillator over at the tennis club next door (through the hedge next to the 11 a side pitch).

  • You will be given the lock codes for the gates and changing rooms at the start of the season.
  • Ashurst has both a 9 a side and 11 a side pitch.
  • The 9 a side goals are Samba goals that you will need to construct and these are located in the wooden shed along with the corner flags.
  • The 11 a side nets are located in the changing rooms in the pavilion - just lift up the seats on the benches and you'll see them somewhere. If they aren't there, they'll be in the shed where the 9 a side goals are.
  • There is a line marker and paint in the shed. 50/50 mix with water. Tap is outside in front of the building.
  • Please lock up when you're finished.
  • Any queries in advance, contact Ashurst directly
  • Map:,0.1520523/@51.1305606,0.1521462,293m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e2
  • The defibrillator is on the clubhouse front wall.

Bennett 3G / Mascalls 3G / TWGSB 3G

The 3G pitches are maintained by the respective schools they are part of. Both have groundspeople who should open up for you, but you may want to double check with Chris Allen before you play there that this is the case. A few things to remind players / parents about when playing at either of these venues:

  • Appropriate footwear - astro boots or moulded studs only - no metal studs or "blades". Players without appropriate footwear will not be allowed to play.
  • Parents / supporters to stay in the viewing area - players and coaches only on the pitch.
  • No dogs allowed at any 3G venue.
  • No fizzy drinks or food on the actual 3G surface.
  • No smoking at the venues.
  • Rubbish to be disposed of in the bins provided and make sure as a team, you leave the venue in a tidy state. It's not the groundsman's job to clear up plastic bottles or other rubbish.
  • When moving goals, make sure you put them up onto their wheels or you risk damaging the surface.
  • Toilets on site at both venues. The Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre has a cafe for refreshments at TWGSB but no refreshments at Bennett (Costa is just up the road!)
  • At TWGSB, parking must be confined to the 3G car park, not the leisure centre car park, which is for leisure centre users only.
  • Map - TWGSB:
  • Map - Bennett:
  • Map - Mascalls: