Practices & Sessions - Introduction

This section gives you access to session plans created or recommended by our coaches. That doesn't mean every session will work for everyone, but it does mean we haven't simply dumped a load of random content on here without having tried it ourselves. If you have questions on a particular session, the author's name and contact e-mail is included, so feel free to e-mail and follow up. And please - feel free to make suggestions for content yourself.

Content has been split into the following main sections:

The format of the sessions themselves is intended to fit with the FA's session plan format, including coaching points across the FA's "4 Corners" - Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social. This is so you can use them as a base when submitting session plans for your own coursework if you're doing one of the FA courses.

As with other aspects of the sessions, the coaching points themselves are intended for you to pick and choose from. Trying to get them all across in one session will leave your players bombarded with information and likely confused. I would generally look to make one or two main points and then maybe layer in a couple of others on top per session if the players were ready for it. Once the players are consistently understanding the core points, more information can added in during future sessions on a similar topic.

Any questions or ideas for sessions you'd like to see added (either your own sessions that work well for your team or things you'd like others to contribute if possible), please e-mail [email protected]

Note: the software used for creating many of these session plans is available for £60 (free trial also available) from the following website: