Postponements / Cancellations

If you have to call a game off, you need to make sure you do the following...

  • Let your opposition know as soon as possible
  • Let your referee know as soon as possible
  • Let the league know the reason for the postponement (usually the Fixtures Secretary)
  • Tell your own players!!!
  • Let Chris Allen know the game is off.

The usual reason for postponement is weather and this just means the fixture will be rescheduled for the next available slot in the calendar.

If you call a game off at the last minute because you don't have enough players, you are liable to be fined and the points (if a competitive fixture) will be awarded to your opposition, so it's worth playing the match unless you really do have so few players as to make it ridiculous to bother going ahead. The league may be sympathetic if there are extenuating circumstances, but in most cases you will not be allowed to replay the game if it was called off for this reason at the last minute, even if you get agreement from your opposition.

If there is a weekend you know in advance that you are going to struggle for numbers, contact the league in good time and they will normally allow you to reschedule without any penalty being imposed. At least 2 weeks notice is usually required but that will depend on the league (some are stricter than others).

Check your individual league handbook for their policy on letting the league know about a postponement - they will sometimes require you fill in a form.

If a game is abandoned because of disciplinary reasons or for a serious injury, you will need to let the league know immediately and they will let you know how to handle that.