Before Your Match

There are a number of things you need to do before match day for home games and away games. The timings for some of these will be specified by your individual league, so ask them or read their handbook to find out the specifics. Here's a checklist for home games:

Home Matches Pre-Game Checklist:
  • Do you have a pitch allocated? Chris Allen will e-mail by Monday morning with the allocations.
  • Do you know what time kick off is? (please don't just assume any kick off time will be fine - others may be using the pitches before or after you or there may be constraints based on parking)
  • Have you contacted your opposition and given them the time, location and other details for the fixture? In the Crowborough League you are meant to do this by the Monday prior to the match usually, but double check that as it may change year on year. Other leagues will have other rules.
  • If you have a referee allocated - have you contacted them and let him/her know the details for the fixture?
  • Are all the players you intend to play in the fixture definitely registered with the league and do you have any necessary ID cards or details for said players if required? If you field an ineligible player and are found out you risk a large fine and the possibility if the game was a competitive one that the result is awarded to the opposition, along with any points.
  • If teams are on the same pitches before / after you, have you liased with them about sharing the setup / take down of goals etc?
  • Has the pitch been marked? The WhatsApp groups we have for each of the pitches should be in use for the older age groups. In the younger age groups, we have someone who marks the Rec pitches.
  • If the opposition wear the same colour as you, have you arranged for them to wear bibs or another kit (as home team, it's your right to ask them to change).
  • For U11 upwards, if you use FA Full Time, have you logged in and set the home ground and kick off time?

For away games, you just need to know the details, so if the opposition manager hasn't contacted you in plenty of time, you can look their details up and ask them.