"Sometimes in football you have to score goals" - Thierry Henry

Finishing - Key Coaching Points & Considerations

We've collated some of the key coaching points and things you may want to consider when setting up sessions based around finishing.

Remember - getting all the coaching points across in one session is impossible - these are meant as a source of ideas that you can introduce slowly and layer on as the players' understanding and ability level increases over time.

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Finishing Practices - Individual 15 - 30 Minute "Drills" / Warm Ups

These practices all get your players thinking about goalscoring and working on the key things any goalscorer needs to focus on. From simple warm ups to more complex technical practices, you should find something relevant here. Kids love scoring goals, so you can't go too far wrong with these. 

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Finishing Sessions - Full 1 Hour (+) Sessions

These full finishing sessions generally start with a finishing related warm up, move into a technical practice and finish with a full match, all the while focusing on key coaching points related to goalscoring. We've included several sessions for different age groups. Feel free to adapt and feed back on what you've done so we can add more content...  

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Remember, if you can't find what you're looking for, you can use the search or e-mail [email protected] to ask any questions...