Skills & Tricks - Videos

Learning the tricks and skills to be able to beat your opponent not only provides a great foundation for all developing players, but it's also great fun! It's important for you as a coach to encourage players to be positive and try these things. Adopting a "safety first" approach with young players is not going to help develop skilful players capable of unlocking a defence.

We feel these skills are best demonstrated by video, so we've compiled a series of links to YouTube videos from other people, that demonstrate them far better than we could in words.

Skills Videos

A Basic Stepover with Dan Magness & Amy White

A great skill to have in your armoury, the stepover is a classic trick that's used time and time again.

The Cruyff Turn with AllAttack

Named after the Dutch footballing legend, this is a great trick for all young players to learn.

Drag Back / 3 Touch Drag Back with Joe Flurry

A simple drag back and a slightly more complex version. Both essential skills.

The Ronaldo Chop with AllAttack

Even though he's only the second best Ronaldo, CR7 has been given credit for inventing this rather super trick!

The Flip Flap or Elastico with STR Skill School

Tough to master but very effective if you can get the hang of it. Practise with both feet!

Maradona Turn / Marseille Roulette with AllAttack

This is great fun to learn and can be seriously effective if executed at the right time.

Zik Zak Stepover with Stockholm Street Soccer

We love this. If you can pull this off in a mini soccer match you'll get some serious applause!

Rainbow Flick with AllAttack

The Holy Grail of football tricks. If you can execute this in a match then wow!