Useful Books

There about a gazillion books out there on football coaching. Here are a few some of our coaches have found particularly useful or interesting.

Practical Coaching Advice / Training Exercises etc...

Sports Psychology / How People Learn

  • Bounce: the Power of Practice by Matthew Syed (very interesting book by ex-pro table tennis player and journalist)
  • Soccer Tough / Soccer Brain by Dan Abrahams (psychology techniques for coaches and players from a top sports psychologists)
  • The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle (a book that investigates how talent grows)
  • Mindset by Carol Dweck (exploring how our approach to something - our mindset - can enormously affect how successful we are)

Inspiration From Great Coaches

  • Stillness and Speed by Dennis Bergkamp (rare as a footballer's autobiography in that he doesn't spend the time trying to settle old scores but instead makes some great points re: coaching whilst also talking us through his fabulous career)
  • Wooden by John Wooden (considered by most to be the greatest basketball coach of all time, this collection of thoughts from John Wooden are inspiring and thought provoking, not only with regard to coaching, but life in general. The name John Wooden is mentioned in virtually every sports coaching / sports psychology book you will read)

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