Finishing Netball Game

  • Author: Ian Knapp
  • Age Group: U10 to U17+
  • Time: 20 minutes

Netball style games can be incredibly useful for getting players thinking about their movement off the ball. Because they naturally play netball with their "heads up" then they get used to noticing the movement of their teammates and where the best passing option is. This warm up combines netball passing with regular shooting with feet to score the goals.

  • A small pitch with a half way line and sized to suit the number of players you have. Can play anything from 3v3 through to 7v7 and keep it working well.
  • 2 goals with goalkeepers, one per team.
  • Balls at the side of the pitch with the coach so a new one can be thrown in quickly to keep the game flowing.


  • Players must throw the ball to a team mate, who is not allowed to run with the ball - just like regular netball rules.
  • Players can move freely off the ball and throw in any way they see fit (underarm, overarm, bounce pass etc.)
  • Scoring is through a volley (or for older age groups and in line with the FA's guidance on heading), a header, direct from a team mate's thrown pass.
  • For younger players, can allow goals to be scored by throwing directly, although that negates the "finishing" element of the game and the exercise becomes more about movement off the ball and communication.

Progressions & Alternatives:
  • If you have an odd number of players, use a neutral player who plays for the team in possession.
  • Can lock players into their halves if required, so play 2v2 in each half for example.
  • Give each team one "magic man" who is allowed to run with the ball for 3 paces or dribble like in basketball.
  • Enlarge the area if it is too hard to get shots away or play 3v1 in each half in favour of the attackers.
  • Finally, move into a regular football match, but reiterate the need to play with heads up and awareness of what's around you.

Coaching Points (FA's 4 Corners):
  • Movement off the ball to get into a shooting position and to "lose" your marker.
  • Shot accuracy, power and type of finish.
  • Set up pass should make life as easy as possible for the shooter.
  • As a team, can you get a player free in space to have a free shot.
  • Follow in shots in case the GK spills the ball.
  • Communication (tell the player with the ball what to do with it)
  • Decision making - type of shot, when to shoot etc.
  • Confidence to try again if a shot is missed or a poor touch is taken.
  • Confidence to try things - different types of finish.
  • Allow players to decide tactics etc. Ownership of their learning.
  • Strength to hold off opposition players when receiving the ball and when shooting.
  • Agility to get a shot off when under pressure - think about body shape.
  • Balance in all areas of the game, especially when shooting.
  • Working as a team to create goalscoring chances.
  • Encouraging others and not being negative
  • Communication
  • Have fun!